NoteService fees are not prorated. Fees are required prior to services rendered and processed according to terms and agreement. Fees will not be discounted or refunded due to rider absentee beyond one day of receiving service.  Fees will not be discounted or refunded for single day district observed holidays/professional days, etc.  - weekly rate will still apply.  Fees will not be discounted or refunded for emergency closures, due to inclement weather.  For week long district observed breaks; such as:  Fall Break (Thanksgiving), Winter Break (Christmas and New Years), and Spring Break rates will not be applied.

One Way Service

$80.00(per rider/ per week)

$60.00(per rider/per week)

*No Registration Fee

Round Trip Service

Affordable weekly rates

Registered riders receive round trip door to door transportation, to/from from home and school. 

(AM & PM service).

Call Us:   1 (855) We-R-Busy

                 1 (855) 937-2879

Houston, TX

Registered riders receive one-way door to door transportation, from home or school.

(AM or PM only service)